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Homeowners have won a significant victory against the MAC. The Court has granted class certification to thousands of homeowners surrounding the MSP Airport. Read about it here: Lawsuit Against MAC

Citizens‚ Group Urges Public Debate Of More Aid to NWA - December 21, 2006

Quieter Descents at MSP? Possible, But Unlikely - December 8, 2006

Major airline mergers and acquisitions since 1985

MAC Hearing on Environmental Impacts Draws Testimony from SMAAC Only - November 8, 2006

MAC Wants to Quash Commissioner Depositions in Airport Noise Class Action Lawsuit - October 25, 2006

Citizens’ Group Again Questions Airport Safety - Sept 18, 2006

Forum Press Releases:
Most Fifth District Candidates to Participate in Federal Aviation Debate

League of Women Voters Names Moderator for Aviation Forum

SMAAC Forum Set Aug. 24 For Fifth District Candidates

Airport Noise Class Action Hearing - June 21, 2006

Airport Noise Class Action Certification Pending - For Release June 15, 2006

SMAAC News: For Release 13 March 2006
How Safe Can We Believe MSP Is?

News Release December 10, 2005

News Release 11-18-05
Class Action


News Release
Citizens' Safety Resolution Dismissed by MAC

News Release
MAC Committee Hears Pollution Report; Refers SMAAC Questions to Staff for Answers

September 26, 2004

News Release
Local Watchdog Challenges MAC On Environmental Assessments Hearing

September 26, 2005

Media Coverage of the Class Action Lawsuit Filing Was Misleading.
By Jim Spensley

Looking at the Northwest Mechanics‚ Strike the Politically Incorrect Way: What about Safety? By Jim Spensley, SMAAC President

News Release
Local Watchdog Challenges MAC On the Safety of a Larger Hub
Minneapolis, July 25, 2005.

News Release
New Studies Support Airport Noise Concerns.
Minneapolis, June 30, 2005.

Letter to MAC June 7, 2001

News Release June 8, 2005
MAC Committee Hears Pollution Report; Refers SMAAC Questions to Staff for Answers

Press Release May 23, 2005
Senator Dayton Charges MAC and Northwest Airlines with Bad Faith

Public Announcement/Press Release Dateline: 6 April 2005
City Lawsuits Over Airport Noise Lauded

Public Announcement/Press Release 10 February 2005
MAC Committee Approves Fuel Leaks Settlement and Fine

Commentary January 10, 2005.
An article is based on comments sent to Minneapolis Star-Tribune reporters and editors following the newspaper's Special Report published 10 January 2005.

Remarks to the Eden Prairie Zero Expansion Group
By James R. Spensley, President
South Metro Airport Action Council
Airports Concentrate Pollution Hazards.

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2003 Press Releases and Information Items

Public Announcement/Press Release Minneapolis, MN SMAAC Fall Forum: "MSP Noise Airport Problems Real" Dateline: 20 November 2003

MAC Excluding Press and Public from Noise Abatement Debate Dateline: 28 August 28 2003

Counterpoint. Politics and Airport Noise Dateline: 19 August 2003


Neighbors Join Senator Dayton in Blasting NWA at Pearl Park Press Conference Dateline: 18 August 2003

NWA is Messing with MAC and Minnesota Dateline: 14 August 2003

Airport Noise Lies at the Highest Levels Dateline: 12 August 2003

MAC P&E Didn't Hear Public Comments on Noise Assumptions 6 August 2003 Dateline: 6 August 2003

SMAAC Wants MAC to Mitigate Excessive Noise From 1996 to 2006 Dateline: 6 August 2003

Coleman Takes Northwest's Side on Airport Noise Dateline: 1 August 2003

Noise Deal Irks Dayton Dateline: 31 July 2003

SMAAC Public Announcement/Press Release Dateline: 24 July 2003

Regarding the Part 150 Noise Control Program Update Dateline: 22 July 2003

New MSP Take-Off Procedure Has Adverse Impacts Dateline: 17 July 2003

Formal Request for Public Hearings Dateline 22 May 2003 (posted 7-14-03)

SMAAC Doubts MAC Noise Projections Will Get Public Review Dateline: 9 July 2003

Objections at MAC's June 2003 Meeting Dateline: 9 June 2003

Problems with MSP Noise Mitigation Plan Update Dateline: 6 January 2003


2004 Press Releases and Information Items

MAC Fudges Noise Projections in Eagan Meetings Date: 20 December 2004

Public Announcement/Press Release Date: 19 November 2004
SMAAC Fall Forum

Remarks on the Part 150 Noise Compatibility Program (NCP) Update - Nov. 15, 2004

Public Announcement/Press Release Dateline: 8 September 2004 Minneapolis, MN
Neighbors and SMAAC Make Noise at MAC Hearing

Proposed Update to the MSP Noise Compatibility Program
Remarks by James R. Spensley, President
September 7, 2004

SMAAC Rebukes Airport Commissioners on Political Influence - Dateline: 13 July 2004 Minneapolis, MN

SMAAC PROVED RIGHT - 7-20-04 Remarks by Jim Spensely, President of SMAAC on the MAC meeting of July 19, 2004

Public Announcement/Press Release Dateline: 21 July 2004 Minneapolis, MN -- The Metropolitan Airports Commission has political direction to favor Northwest Airlines.

SMAAC Says MAC is Acting Illegally on Noise. The SMAAC Board of Directors will oppose the airline-favoring compromise offerred by City representatives of NOC in a statement before the Planning & Environment Committee. SMAAC will reiterate its opposition to the Northwest Airlines' proposal to do nothing at all to mitigate noise in the 64-60 DNL areas. "While we hope the airport commissioners will not choose between caving in entirely or caving in mostly to Northwest Airlines," the Board announced, "there is certainly undue political pressure being applied by Governor Pawlenty for them to do so." Click here for the Statement.

Listening to the Neighbors (Response to StarTribune article) Dateline: 22 March 2004

Public Announcement/Press Release Citizen's Group Says New Noise Map Lacks Credibility Dateline: 24 February 2004 Minneapolis, MN

From the SMAAC President
Airlines - Hub Airports Alliance Show
Campaign Finance/Lobby Power

Last month, the US House of Representatives passed HR 3479, a bill to enforce an "agreement" between Illinois Republican Governor XXX and Chicago Democrat Mayor Richard Daley, Jr.

The House at first failed to attain enough votes to schedule a quick vote on the bill, but Republican leader J. Dennis Hastert (R, Illinois) was able to whip the GOP majority into line later.
The House author was Illinois Representative William O. Lipinski, D, Chicago. Liberal Chicago Democrat Jesse Jackson, Jr. and conservative suburban Republican Henry J Hyde vigorously opposed HR 3479.

HR 3479 makes the Federal Aviation Agency, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the City of Chicago (as Manager of O'Hare Airport) conform to a finding of "urgent need" by Governor XXX. If passed by the Senate and signed by the President, various FAA (operational safety) and EPA (environmental protection) will be waived, and hundreds of millions in Federal dollars would be used for land acquisition and construction costs. The law would allow O'Hare authorities to condemn city-owned and private property using Federal authorities and a process that limits local government review.

What do Lipinski, Daley, and XXX have in common that Jackson and Hyde do not? Very large campaign donations from United Airlines executives and PACs. Lipinski's former chief of staff now lobbies for United Airlines.

Kinda reminds me of the Minnesota Legislature's 1995 law aborting the dual-track airport study and mandating expansion at MSP.... Didn't I just read that in Minnesota Northwest Airlines executives and PACs are the largest campaign contributors and they spend the most on lobbyists of any business here?

And why should Minnesotans care about the effect of an Illinois-only law or how it was passed? The House also passed HR 4481 ASAP - Airport Streamlining Approval Process Act of 2002 with the same supporters. This bill, now in Committee in the Senate as S 633, would innoculate all other hub airports against thorough FAA, EPA, State, and local reviews.

Jim Spensley,
President, SMAAC

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