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(July 11, 2001)
A proposal to implement a "customized" noise insulation program for 10,040 additional homes impacted by jet noise will be aired publicly on July 25 by the Metropolitan Airports Commission at 7 p.m., Thunderbird Hotel in Bloomington.

The MAC continues to provide full insulation in houses exposed to average jet noise greater than 65 decibels. However, it has delayed action on the next round of insulation--the 10,040 homes exposed to average jet noise between 60 and 64 decibels. The MAC has voted not to provide full insulation to these less-impacted areas and is considering less expensive options. The "customized" proposal was first heard at the July 10 meeting of the MAC's Planning and Environment Committee.

Committee chair Roger Hale said that the new proposal "is not a one-size-fits-all approach," according to the Star Tribune (click here for full story). Hale said each house would be dealt with individually, with the intent of reducing indoor noise levels to an average of 45 decibels. The total cost of the customized approach ranges from $127.7 million to $245.1 million--much less than the $452 million price tag to provide full insulation.

The MAC's Planning and Environment Committee will consider a staff recommendation at its Aug. 7 meeting. The full MAC board may vote on the issue at its Aug. 20 meeting. The MAC would then send its recommendation to the Federal Aviation Administration for final approval.


(June 19, 2001)
The Metropolitan Airports Commission OK'd a new lease agreement June 18 with Northwest Airlines that gives NWA 37 additional gates and extends its lease five years to 2015, the Star Tribune reported June 19. As part of the agreement, NWA agrees to participate in a new advisory group of citizens and community representatives to discuss jet noise. Northwest pulled out of the Metropolitan Sound Abatement Council last year, saying that it was top heavy with community interests.

However, the agreement does not resolve who will pay to bring light-rail transit to the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, expand noise insulation near the airport or acquire property in Richfield where a new runway will generate rumbling low-frequency noise.

The article can be read in its entirety on the Star Tribune Web site (search for "MAC approves lease, gate agreement with Northwest") at


(June 5, 2001)
The MAC Planning and Environment Committee voted 4-3 today against recommending the full 5-DB reduction package for homeowners in the 60-64 DNL around MSP.

There will be a special meeting at 2 p.m. Tuesday, June 12 to consider one of the other options, including 6 (a) that would provide air conditioning, plus an acoustical test to see if each home needed enough insulation to get it down to the FAA 45DNL interior livability level. No firm estimates as to number of eligible homes nor potential budget, but maybe $200-300M.

Those voting in favor were Roger Hale, Joe Gasper and Coral Houle. Those opposed were Paul Weske, Bert McKasy, William Erhart and Dick Long.


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