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Mission Statement

SMAAC works as a coalition of citizen-members and community organizations to:

• Promote long-term economic growth in Minnesota through more transparent decision-making at MSP, by supporting all responsible domestic and international providers of reliable air passenger and cargo service, by seeking more airline competition and low-cost air service, and by alerting citizens to unfair airline marketing practices, sweetheart contracts, and monopolistic cartels;

• Advocate locally and nationally for air and ground safety for airport workers and travelers at and around Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport;

• Seek vigorous enforcement of environmental regulations and minimize ground, water, air and noise pollution, and to suggest Federal and State legislation when needed for this purpose;

• Monitor and report the policies and actions of the Metropolitan Airports Commission, the Federal Aviation Agency and other involved governmental entities to increase community awareness of aviation and airport issues

Adopted May 13, 2008

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