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About ROAR
Residents Opposed to Airport Racket (ROAR) is an 800-member citizens group fighting aviation noise from the Minneapolis / St.Paul Metropolitan Airport. Founded in October of 1998, the group focuses upon improving the quality of life by seeking to reduce airport noise.

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More and more planes roaring over your house, day and night? An airport commission that won't stand up to the noise and air polluters? Politicians who say they can't do anything? That's why we need a group like Residents Opposed to Airport Racket (ROAR). We think our neighborhoods are too special to be ruined by airplane noise and other pollution. By organizing airport noise opponents, and using creativity, we have begun to change the status quo.

In 1996, the Minneapolis Planning Commission issued a warning: "The Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) has underestimated actual growth in operations at the Twin Cities airport. The numbers of passengers and operations have been greater than predicted in the past years. Northwest Airlines asserts that the recent type of growth will not continue. But what if it does?"

But what if it does? is the question Twin Cities residents are now asking with the increase in the number of planes flying over our homes daily. Since 1996, flights in and out of the Minneapolis - St. Paul International Airport have grown at least 8% to nearly 500,000 annually, or an average of 1400 per day. MAC originally estimated that the airport would not experience the volume we are seeing and hearing until the year 2020!

Noise as well as hazards to health will worsen with the opening of the North - South runway. According to a Boeing physicist, the takeoff of a single 747 is like "setting the local gas station on fire and flying it over your head." The effects of the airport's expansion are not confined to South Minneapolis, but are also diminishing the stability and livability of Richfield, Bloomington, Eagan, Edina, Mendota Heights, St. Paul and other communities.

For decades Twin Cities residents have warned airport officials that noise and airport pollution were getting worse, and that airport capacity was strained to its limits, but we were ignored. It was time for a new type of citizens' group - one that knows how to mobilize large numbers of people who could force elected and airport officials to get serious about addressing one of the region's most pressing economic and environmental problems.

ROAR is such a group, aggressively pushing for solutions to the rising levels of airplane noise and pollution.

Formed in Minneapolis in the fall of 1998, ROAR has now expanded to other metropolitan communities where its primary purpose is to mobilize citizens to push for solutions to the problems created by expanding an international airport in the center of a residential community.

What ROAR has done

  • Used a pajama party at the airport to bring media and community attention to the problem of night flights
  • Worked with elected officials to force the MAC to use environmentally friendly dewatering techniques for construction projects at the airport
    Mobilized citizens from different metropolitan neighborhoods to work together on our common airport concerns
  • Ran a successful campaign to have a new MAC chair appointed who would pay attention to community concerns
  • Won agreements signed by both the Minneapolis and St. Paul city councils limiting city employees from taking night flights
  • Lobbied city, state and federal officials to do more to fight noise and pollution
  • Staged public forums for political candidates to hear and respond to citizens' concerns on airport issues

What we want

  • A long range plan that addresses what will happen when the airport reaches capacity in its landlocked urban campus
  • Elimination of older, noisier "hushkitted" aircraft
  • Restrictions on night flights, which have increased 72% in the last five years
  • New takeoff and landing patterns that minimize noise over residential areas
  • An Airports Commission that fights noise and environmental pollution

We invite you to become a member of ROAR. With more people like you, we can make a difference.

Send your name, address, and phone number and e-mail address to
ROAR, Box 80066, Minneapolis, MN 55408
Or e-mail

Or subscribe to ROAR's email list directly at

Support ROAR with a donation. We are a non-profit* advocacy group funded through the contributions of neighbors and others that want to maintain and restore the livability of our communities.

*Because our advocacy includes legislative efforts with local, state and federal elected officials, contributions are not tax deductible.


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