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Major airline mergers and acquisitions since 1985

1985 Southwest acquires Muse $40.5 million in cash, $20 million in stock

1986 TWA acquires Ozark $250 million

Northwest acquires Republic $884 million

United acquires Pacific routes of PanAm $750 million

Texas Air acquires People Express $112 million

Texas Air acquires Eastern Airlines $676 million

Alaska Air Group acquires Jet America $28.8 million

Alaska Air Group acquires Horizon Airline $68 million

1987 American acquires AirCal $225 million

Delta merges with Western Airlines $860 million

US Air acquires Pacific Southwest Airlines $385 million

US Air acquires Piedmont Aviation $1.6 billion

1990 American acquires Eastern's Latin America routes $335 million

1991 Delta acquires PanAm Shuttle, European routes $621 million in cash, $668 million of debt

1993 Southwest acquires Morris Air $129 million stock swap

1998 Northwest buys majority share of Continental $430 million in cash, stock*

1999 Delta acquires Atlantic Southeast $700 million

Delta buys the 78% of Comair it didn't already own $1.8 billion in cash, $100 million in debt

2001 American acquires TWA $742 million in cash, $3.5 billion in TWA debt

2005 US Airways merges with America West $1.5 billion

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