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May 2001

Happy May from ROAR!

As our windows open with the advent of spring, we are reminded once again that it's loud . . . but this year, you're making a difference, both in the political arena, and in the local media.

ROAR board member RT Rybak pulled off a stunning upset at last Saturday's DFL convention. In an endorsement race the Star Tribune had called as a cakewalk for incumbent Mayor Sharon Sayles Belton, RT received more votes for endorsement than the Mayor before the convention voted to adjourn without endorsement. Rybak's campaign pointed out that "the airport issue was a key issue in this huge political upset!"

To learn more about RT's campaign, go to or call the campaign at 612-408-2467.

Your voices have ensured that ALL the major candidates for mayor of Minneapolis are discussing airport issues, and how the city can stand behind its neighborhoods in the battle against noise and pollution.

ROAR board member Scott Benson received an overwhelming DFL endorsement for the 11th ward city council seat being vacated by retiring council member Doré Mead. You may remember Scott's great work for ROAR and our city lakes last summer concerning the dewatering issue at the Mpls/St. Paul airport.

You can learn more about Scott's campaign at his website,

Both RT and Scott plan to remain active in ROAR, and both would appreciate your support! ROAR hopes to get ALL city candidates on the record concerning their positions on airport issues. Vote for the candidates of your choice -- we hope you choose to hold them accountable on airport issues!

The Star Tribune is featuring increasingly thoughtful and analytical coverage of airport issues, concerning not only noise mitigation, but also questions of future planning and capacity.

Copyright considerations prohibit us from reproducing these stories here, however you can read them at the Star Tribune's website at Searching under Dan Wascoe's byline will provide a fairly comprehensive list of recent stories.

The Southwest Journal is another good source of airport issues information;
they're on the web at

The commission is still considering six possible levels of insulation in the next round of the noise mitigation program, in the 60-64 LDN zone The agency expects to vote on one of the six options and send a recommendation to the Federal Aviation Administration in June.

Roger Hale, Minneapolis Mayor Sharon Sayles Belton's appointee to the MAC and chairman of the MAC's Planning and Environment Committee, has stated "In my view, we would be looking at two [of the six] choices -- air-conditioning only or the full-mitigation issue."

Full mitigation would continue the current program of new windows and doors, air conditioning, and insulation for about $45,000 a house. The air-conditioning-only option would allow homeowners to block some noise by keeping windows closed during warm weather. At $135.5 million, or about $13,500 per house, it would be the least costly option.

Want to contact MAC commissioners, and let them know how YOU feel about the program? Contact information is available at

Stay tuned for more news from ROAR in coming weeks!

Sara Strzok, Chair
Residents Opposed to Airport Racket


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