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By James R. Spensley, President, South Metro Airport Action Council

Date: 7/20/04

Yesterday, airport Commissioners listened to various elected officials and dozens of ordinary citizens and ignored everything they heard. SMAAC listened while Commissioners explained their positions, leading SMAAC President Jim Spensley to comment. "You (the Commissioners) would not recognize the September 9 as a 'public hearing' if you attended. MAC has never held a real “public hearing” on noise; yet you claim the 'legislative' power to change your previous resolutions."

He said during brief remarks allowed after Commissioners had stated their positions: "Major changes in expansion of MSP, as you were told here today, must be based on facts and deliberation.

“Commissioner Long said he was concerned about security costs (to Northwest), ignoring the fact that TSA has relieved Northwest and MAC of major security costs, shifting the burden to US taxpayers.. He seemed to have no idea that security cost increases are strongly associated with hub use of MSP, periods of far-above-average use."

SMAAC also sees that other Commissioners lack facts. Spensley addressed Commissioner Landy's comment that he wanted a "needs test" for sound insulation eligibility. "The Commission spent millions of dollars on ANOMS and staff studies to test the computer-model projections." Spensley said. "The stations almost all show an increase in the number of loud (over 95 db intensity nearest the station) flights. This proves that overflight noise in the 'new' 64 and 63 DNL areas is greater than it was in many of the already insulated houses."

He told the MAC that ample facts about this, and about the difference between overflights (events) and the modeled contours were presented in writing to NOC and the MAC, and are (supposedly) part of the public record and evidence. "Thanks for announcing that your deliberations have not yet included most of the facts in evidence." Spensley remarked."The Commission does not know what it is doing. You do not know the facts!"

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