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April 2001

Greetings from ROAR!
No fooling -- there's a lot going on on the airport front this month, both at the Legislature, and the MAC.

In this issue:
Part 150 home insulation controversy
Aviation and the Minnesota Legislature
Mayoral debates
Webmaster needed

As you know, the MAC is currently reviewing their commitment to home noise insulation under the Part 150 program in the 60 - 64 DNL sound zone. It appears that the original commitment to noise mitigation is being watered down due to industry and economic pressures -- but we believe that a promise was made when the Minnesota Legislature voted to keep the airport operating in a urban core in 1996. You can read more about it in the Southwest Journal online:

The MAC is holding public hearings before their final vote on whether to follow through on the full insulation package out to the 60 DNL sound contour. Want to make your voice heard on this issue? ROAR plans to testify at the public hearing on April 11, 7 p.m., at the Thunderbird Hotel, 2201 E. 78th St. (north of Mall of America on I-494). More from us soon on what plans are for that date!

Want to write or call your MAC commissioner, and aren't sure who he/she is or how to get in touch? MSP's website profiles MAC commissioners, and includes contact information -- just go to:

Some of our freshman legislators have hit the ground running this session, and are introducing bills which would change the way things are run at MSP, and with the MAC.

Representative Jim Davnie has introduced legislation that would provide for legislative oversight of the MAC, thus making it more accountable to the citizens it serves (HR 1905). Representative Scott Dibble's bill redesigns the MAC completely, changing the appointment process and giving more representation to people within the noise footprint of the airport (HR 1895).

Returning Representative Mark Gleason is introducing a number of bills concerning the airport this session. HR 0033 would prohibit state employees from taking night flights into or out of MSP (similar to a resolution passed by the Minneapolis City Council). HR 1089 would limit the number of gates at MSP that could be leased to one carrier, thus limiting Northwest Airline's monopoly at its fortress hub. And HR 1764 seeks to protect the historic Coldwater Spring site from any possible future airport-related construction.

Kudos to our legislators for representing folks under the flight path! For more information on these bills, go to the State's Legislative website. You can also use this site to look up the address and phone number of your legislators, so feel free to call and urge them to support this legislation!


The current crop of mayoral candidates will be appearing at a debate sponsored by the Southwest Journal and many other neighborhood newspapers at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 24 at Whittier Neighborhood Center, 2600 Grand Ave. S.

ROAR needs a webmaster willing to take responsibility for the maintenance of our upcoming website. The time commitment would be a few hours a month once the site is up and running. Please contact me directly at if you're interested in this volunteer opportunity.

Thanks for your time and for reading this far -- more from us soon!

Sara Strzok, Chair
ROAR (Residents Opposed to Airport Racket)

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