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MAC P&E Didn't Hear Public Comments on Noise Assumptions 6 August 2003

MAC P&E Re-Accepts Noise Assumptions Without Discussion

The MAC Planning & Environment (P&E) Committee again failed to discuss or acknowledge public comments that the Noise Control Program updates for 2001, based on 1996 actual use, and for 2006, based on 2001 actual use, are being illegally skipped. MAC is again basing its Noise Control Program on airline projections, unreliable in the past, and on aviation industry input about use of MSP in 2007. SMAAC wrote the Commission May 22 seeking an opportunity to testify, or at least hear airport neighbors' issues acknowledged and discussed by NOC, by P&E, or the full Commission in public before a vote. SMAAC raised these concerns several times, and we were directed to a July 22 meeting. "We know that our letters to P&E Chair Houle and MAC Chair Grunseth stating our questions for the Consultant and the Commission were distributed" SMAAC President Jim Spensley said, "But today the NOC Co-Chairs stated in their presentation that public input had been considered at their meeting.

"We know this to be untrue for SMAAC comments delivered to NOC on the day of their meeting (July 17), and we know that many other worthwhile comments -- including those of Cities, Legislators, and airport users as well as neighbors -- were also solicited for the July 22 meeting and delivered there.

"We did not know if inputs from prior Part 150 Update meetings were delivered to NOC, so we re-submitted our comments, with follow-on questions about staff-prepared replies. It appears airline letterhead is more useful than ours, cities', or Legislators' in getting items on MAC agendas at any level."

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Jim Spensley

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